Monday, August 10, 2009

What's On The Table (Wk 8/10 - 8/16)

So- the ongoing saga of trying to plan a weeks meals, even if they are simple.
Last week we were able to get Friday, Saturday and Sundays meals correct. Monday my DD had friends over so I ordered Pizza. Tuesday, DD's friend was still here because we had flooding and DD was craving White Castle, so that's what we had. Wednesday I veered and did the Arby's deal and Thursday was a total loss in planning and I can't remember what we had. I am starting again on a diet (DD is rolling her eyes) this week. Hopefully, with a very busy week planning will help that diet!

Monday - Chicken Salad

Tuesday - Grilled Cheese and Soup

Wednesday - Tuna Sandwiches and Salad

Thursday - Chicken Burritos

Friday - Pizza

Saturday - Fish Fry

Sunday - HouseParty Chef Micheal's Dog Party! - grill out and BYODish

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