Friday, August 21, 2009

74 Degrees and 11knot SW Wind

It's only noon and this day feels like a long dark winters day!

My DD was trying to download something for homework last night. She didn't get what she wanted downloaded, went to bed with the remark I don't know what I have done....

Now she wouldn't let me help her. She gave me the roll of the eyes when I was standing over her for a second to see what she was doing. I do believe she downloaded everything on the worldwide web! Except what she wanted. This morning as I was driving her to school we were laughing about it. She says "there's even a dolphin screensaver!" She'll be rolling those eyes in the back of her head for awhile because DM will not let this go. I was able to tell everyone the temperature and when it changed a point plus the direction of the wind and humidity! Hey, I have to rub it in while I can...

I have spent the morning deleted and uninstalling, plus I do think there are still a few items that I am not sure about.

All this led to a good cleaning of the computer programs after. I have been meaning to do this for awhile. Especially the more time I spend online, the more I know it is vital that regular checkups be done much sooner than when DD makes a mistake.

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