Sunday, August 23, 2009


My DH says that there
were so many weeds
I could get arrested!

ALL summer I have been supposed to tackle this area. It is an odd area. I still don't really have a plan for it. The area is hard to get to and I have let the abundant rain water and the sun nourish the weeds since May when my Sister came to town and cleared some of them out.

So this is what I dealt with today. It was a team effort with DD's and DH (thankfully) chipping in. I pulled weeds, DH moved a couple of really heavy yard arts and helped me put down some fiber screen, plus DD's moved several bags of mulch and one even helped spread the mulch. He discovered that our fountain was cracked and fixed it. I figured the motor was ruined. We were in luck since it is now working great.

Do you want to see......

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