Sunday, August 2, 2009

CVS - Electrasol and Pampers

Saturday I decided to see if I could get the Sunday deals on Saturday at my CVS. The manager said if the signs were up then the deal was going. So I ended up getting my 5 Electrasols (sorry to anyone else, that is all they had) and 2 Pampers so I had more out of pocket then planned on. But it was still a great deal.

2 Pampers cost = 2/$20
5 Electrasol cost = 2/9 ($22.50)

5 Electrasol $2.50 cpns
2 Pampers $2.00 cpns from the $120 P&G coupon booklet
$20.85 ECBs (I had ended up with a $15 ECB so this deal worked OK)

Spent OOP $6.69 included tax

Received $15 ECBs (5 + 10)

The Electrasol ended up .50 each and I spent $12.54 total for the diapers. I have had better deals on diapers but these were the 1s which I have had a hard time finding when the deals are on. If anyone is wondering why I need diapers-I have three girls pregnant or just delivered!

ps my free gift was CVS aspirin

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