Monday, September 28, 2009

Great CVS Trip 9/28

I am still looking for the Reinventing Beauty Magazine...I even took in a picture of the Magazine to show. The cashier today knew exactly what it was but she couldn't find it. I told her I have been looking for this magazine for months and haven't found it. Hopefully they may get it in soon!

So then I went to the Pharmacy to ask them about the $100 coupon book. They had it there but they haven't been given any instructions on it so they wouldn't give it out. Their shots don't start until October 13th and the letter in the box says that the coupons don't start until October 1. That is why he wouldn't give me one.
Next stop was to the checkout, I would have loved to have gotten more of the Bounce Dryer Bars but they only had three. Actually was surprised that they still had three. So this is what I bought:

3 Bounce Dryer Bar @ $4 each

3 Tide Stain Release @ $4 each

1 Dawn @ $1 each


(1) $1 Dawn (mailer?)

(1) $2.50 Bounce Dryer Bar -VocalPoint

(2) $1.50 Bounce Dryer Bar -VocalPoint

(1) $1.50 Tide Stain Release - Magazine from home -I have lots of these but didn't pick them up UGH!

(2) $1.00 Tide Stain Release - for some reason I had these!

$ 5/25 Flu Survey Coupon

$ 9.98 ECB

Subtotal = .02 + tax!

Received $10.00 ECB for buying $25 of P&G products!

Summery is that after ECB's paid and ECB's earned all I paid was tax for these!

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