Sunday, September 13, 2009

Enjoying Exchange Student

I can not let today go by without acknowledging that it has been one month since our exchange student arrived from Brazil!

I must admit that it was her that brought it to my attention. We had just finished watching Freaky Friday and she looked at me and said " today is the 13th." Well, my reply was "it's not Friday!" Boy did I feel bad that we hadn't realized that she had been here a month already. The time has gone by fast. Of course, we have been very busy. My hope is that life will become a little less fast for awhile. Our exchange student would like a little more activity than we have had -- and believe me -- we have had some activity!

She is used to being able to just catch a bus and go see her friends very quickly. Even though we have a bus system here, I have tried to explain that it really isn't the same thing. Her remark today was that in her city in Brazil she can walk to the mall!

Having her here has been a nice change. She knows English fairly well, and can read English even better. What we are working on are things like idioms. The first word that I was asked what it meant was Duh! I asked her if the kids at school said that and was told yes but that my daughter and I say it! She is right, we do. The next one we still really like is when she was asked in class by a boy to "duck." He told her to "duck" a few times before another student demonstrated what she should do ( the boy was trying to through something in the trash.) We all get laughs over that one. In discussion we do believe he didn't know she was an exchange student so didn't realize that she may not know what something means.

Well, I just wanted to acknowledge her month her in the United States! She has been asked to the homecoming dance in two weeks....

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